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We are the only Irish company who Design, Make & Hire Giant Inflatable Props

Giant Inflatable Props

Add Colour & Scale to your next event.
Leaping Mackerel Inflatable
Leaping Mackerel

Giant leaping Fish heads & Tails 4.5m High & can be spaced out. 

Giant Snakes
Giant Snakes

15m Long Giant Snakes available in Yellow Or Green.

Giant Inflatable Frog

A giant tropical tree frog inflatable. 6m Wide, 3m high & 6m Deep

Giant Pink Tentacles
Giant Pink Tentacles

Bright and versatile these giant Tentacles can be mounted almost anywhere. 

Yellow Inflatable Cones
Inflatable Yellow Cones

5m High Yellow Inflatable cones. Can be powered with a power pack if getting power to them is an issue.

Giant Inflatable Prawn

Inflatable Prawn    

You won't miss our Giant 10 Long Prawn, a must-have for any Sea food festival.

Giant Inflatable Prawn

Inflatable Trainers  

When they say you have big shoes to fill, these take the prize each runner is 6m long 2m wide and 2m high.

Giant Inflatable Prawn

Inflatable Rocket    

Our Inflatable Rocket is 4.5m tall & can stand-alone or have inflatable flames.

Hot Air Balloon
Hot Air Balloon

A beautiful, Victorian-inspired hot air balloon on a round float base. The basket has room for up to 3 performers.  5m high, 3m wide, 3m long

Giant Eyeball
Giant Eyeball

A giant 5M inflatable eyeball.

Giant Inflatable Lock
Giant Lock

This enormous gold lock looks stunning on its own, but can also serve as a marker for locker facilities at your festival.7m high, 5m wide, 2m deep

Giant Bottle Inflatable
Bottle Inflatable

A giant, inflatable bottle. Inside contains a custom-built aerialist’s ring on which an aerialist can perform. Stunning at night when lit from inside.6.5m high, 4m wide, 4.2m deep

Giant Inflatable Tentacles
Giant Tentacles

An enormous and eye-catching creation of a size that makes an impression wherever it goes.Crate: 3.2m square, 2.6m highTentacles: 8m high, +5m outside crate

Inflatable Salmon fish
Salmon Inflatable

Large, inflatable, leaping salmon.4m high, 2.5m wide, 3m long

Lightbulb Inflatable
Lightbulb Inflatable 

Brighten up your festival with this giant light bulb. Beautiful at night when lit up from inside.4.5m high, 3m wide  

Giant Snake Inflatable
Snake Inflatable

A stunning 25m long black and red corn snake.  6m high, 25m long, 2.5m wide

Giant Inflatable Duck
Rubber Duck

A giant rubber duck. A bright and eye-catching design, ideal for rubber duck races. 4m high, 2.5m wide, 4m deep

Giant Inflatable Duck
Green Cones

4m Green Inflatable cones

Giant Inflatable Duck

In Irish mythology, the Puca was a spirit that could adopt any form. Ours is an enormous, vibrant, rainbow-coloured sea serpent. His head reaches over 6m tall

Rainbow Arch
Rainbow Arch

Add a splash of colour to your event with this vivid rainbow inflatable. Can be used on its own or as a pedestrian entranceway. 3.5m wide & 4.5m high

Food Inspired Inflatables
Food Inspired Inflatables

Pig, mackerel and carrot inflatables ideal for food markets and fairs. 

Inflatable Giant

He's got two arms, two legs, a head and no body... we call him 'Frank'.Five separate inflatables make up this piece. Ideal for dressing a grassy mound.

American football
American football

We can design and make these 6m American Footballs & add any branding you require.

American football
Rugby Ball

We can design and make these giant Rugby Balls & add any branding you require. this one is 8m tall.

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