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Performing a hilarious street theatre show which blends music, puppetry and slapstick comedy Bui Bolg’s Chancy Brothers will add an extraordinary experience to all visitors of Mood Indigo, the biggest annual cultural festival in Bombay, India. This pair of musical rogues with dubious talents are experts in transporting people to a world of fun-filled, family-friendly entertainment through direct interaction with the audience. One thing is […]

Bui Bolg has become a veritable elves workshop for the last month with not one but four major events producing seasonal themed dressing and installations: Wicklow town has become a feast of Victoriana with an outstanding street dressing featuring a giant tin soldier, gingerbread men and a stunning ballerina… For the Dun Laoghaire Shopping Centre Bui Bolg created a special […]

What if buildings woke up and what if lampposts could walk? What would these normally un-noticed and passed by things make of the world around? Bui Bolg Youth Arts Group presents a movement based piece entitled “Live Streets”, as part of the Sonraigh Youth Dance Festival 2012. It takes place on the 1st December starting at 1pm at Selskar and […]

This year’s “Spectacle of Defiance and Hope” on 24th November 2012 in Dublin was a huge success with more than 10,000 people joining in. Needless to say that Bui Bolg again took part in protesting against cuts to the youth and community sector as well as in raising awareness of the economic inequalities in Ireland with their impressive symbolic skull […]

Who’s afraid of the haunted place known as Dublin’s Marlay Park? Over 20 creepy Bui Bolg installations were hanging from tree tops and floating on the river – ready to terrify all those who dared to walk in the park. Thousands of Dubliners were brave enough to venture into a frightening tour through the haunted park, meeting ghoulish ghosts, cracking […]

Bui Bolg are thrilled to present to you ‘Palloncino’, a quirky piece of promenade theatre, specifically designed to welcome Wexford’s very first Spiegel Tent to the world renowned Wexford Festival Opera in October 2012. Posing as an Italian Circus troupe, Bui Bolg transports you into a fantasy world where Opera meets Circus. The traditional roles of man over beast are […]

Waterford Harvest Fest

Like every year the wonderful Harvest Fest will take place in Waterford this weekend and will dish up not only excellent food but a pot full of interesting events, arts and performances around the markets. Buí Bolg will spice up the festival with some giant inflatable sculptures that will stun you the moment you see them. Something for every taste […]

Great Yarmouth ‘Out There Festival’

[flickrset id=”72157631510123841″ thumbnail=”square” photos=”” overlay=”true” size=”medium”] Buí Bolg hit the roads again. Last weekend we took part in the amazing ‘Out There Festival’ in Great Yarmouth and  gave this Street Art Festival the original Buí Bolg touch. The theme was superheros and supernatural powers so Buí Bolg created a giant ‘Thor’ who guarded the entrance, our animatronic installation ‘Of Land […]

The Joust

Buí Bolg performed their show ‘The Joust’ in the blazing sun at the recent ‘Wexford Town Wall Day’ . Add two knights, one damsel and a mischievious minstrel this performance drew a large crowd from all over Wexford and  created chaos and comedy alike.

Dublin Tall Ships 2012

Over one million visitors attended the  ‘Dublin Tall Ship Races 2012’ two weeks ago. Buí Bolg were right in the middle of the hype, performing on Dublin’s Quay with our ‘Leaping Salmon’ and ‘Sea Admirals’. Our giant deckchairs proved a massive success with queues around the block for a picture taken on it- causing Buí Bolg to hit the national […]

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