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Waterford Harvest Fest

Like every year the wonderful Harvest Fest will take place in Waterford this weekend and will dish up not only excellent food but a pot full of interesting events, arts and performances around the markets. Buí Bolg will spice up the festival with some giant inflatable sculptures that will stun you the moment you see them. Something for every taste […]

Great Yarmouth ‘Out There Festival’

[flickrset id=”72157631510123841″ thumbnail=”square” photos=”” overlay=”true” size=”medium”] Buí Bolg hit the roads again. Last weekend we took part in the amazing ‘Out There Festival’ in Great Yarmouth and  gave this Street Art Festival the original Buí Bolg touch. The theme was superheros and supernatural powers so Buí Bolg created a giant ‘Thor’ who guarded the entrance, our animatronic installation ‘Of Land […]

The Joust

Buí Bolg performed their show ‘The Joust’ in the blazing sun at the recent ‘Wexford Town Wall Day’ . Add two knights, one damsel and a mischievious minstrel this performance drew a large crowd from all over Wexford and  created chaos and comedy alike.

Dublin Tall Ships 2012

Over one million visitors attended the  ‘Dublin Tall Ship Races 2012’ two weeks ago. Buí Bolg were right in the middle of the hype, performing on Dublin’s Quay with our ‘Leaping Salmon’ and ‘Sea Admirals’. Our giant deckchairs proved a massive success with queues around the block for a picture taken on it- causing Buí Bolg to hit the national […]

Buí Bolg Youth Group Summer School 2012

Buí Bolg’s Youth Group members made the most of their last week of summer holidays and attended our Summer School. Last time they focussed on circus skills such as acrobatics and performance. This time they learned how to make props and puppets and even how to perform with them. They also enhanced their circus skills further with rhythm and acting […]

Ek Tha Tiger!

After a long year of waiting the Bollywood movie ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ finally hit the  big screen and we are so proud to be a part of it. The beautiful carnival scene which Buí Bolg features in creates a euphoric display of color, performance and music, offering a unique insight into the spectrum of Buí Bolg’s work. We are all […]

Killarney Summerfest

No ‘Killarney Summerfest’ without Buí Bolg! From July 27th to August 5th the Killarney Summerfest will take place and it is again bursting with many activities for the whole family. Between the amazing lakes and hills Buí Bolg will be responsible for the fun filled summer dressing lining the street of Killarney. Do not miss it!

Exciting weeks in France

Buí Bolg are having a blast at the moment in France. Last week they were guests at the ‘Festival Tonnerres de Brest’ where they met the new president of France, Francoise Hollande, who came to visit the amazing artists of ‘Le Fourneau’. This week they will dress up the ‘Festival les Vieilles Charroues’, in true Buí Bolg style. This festival […]

Buí Bolg in the magazines

As a result of the ongoing connection between Wales and Wexford via the Coracle programme, the Welsh arts magazine ‘blown’  is going to publish a special article about Buí Bolg soon in their autumn/winter 2012 edition. Photographers from ‘blown’ magazine took an amazing photoshoot with Lucy and Colm in the workshop last week. Amongst all the costumes, animatronics and props […]

Laugharne Castle promenade event

Everyone was amazed with our giant installation ‘Of Land and Sea’ in Laugharne Castle last week at the promenade event. This launch drew more crowds in this one day than the whole year put together. What a success!  

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