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Bui Bolg are thrilled to present to you ‘Palloncino’, a quirky piece of promenade theatre, specifically designed to welcome Wexford’s very first Spiegel Tent to the world renowned Wexford Festival Opera in October 2012.

Posing as an Italian Circus troupe, Bui Bolg transports you into a fantasy world where Opera meets Circus. The traditional roles of man over beast are flipped, as they are lead by a larger than life Lion. Stunning Circus Horses round up the clowns, and the show trots along at a lively pace. Victorian ladies displaying their beauty and courage travel aloft in the most amazing travelling inflatable hot air balloon – “Palloncino”.  [flickrset id=”72157632055810031″ thumbnail=”square” photos=”” overlay=”true” size=”medium”]

Arts Council