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Samhain Halloween

Samhain Halloween Event in the Marlay Park will be a Free fright fest of spooky thrills and chills at the Samhain Halloween Haunted Forest Walk hosted by DLR Events & animated by Buí Bolg Productions from Wexford.

Visiters to Marlay Park to discovered the spooktacular Haunted Forest made bigger and better by Buí Bolg. The haunted woods are not for the faint hearted with spooky characters, scary noises, the eerie fog and strange sights to behold! The

woodland walkway lit by festoons, where you will find plenty of thrilling treats and surprises that will be alive, for one night only with freaky fog, ghastly spiders and dragons , creepy eyeballs and pumpkins, spine chilling skeletons and menacing witches and wizards.

You have been warned that ghouls and goblins like The Gate Keeper, The Witches of the Woods, The Phantom Tailors and The Banshee will all make an appearance. Remember these creatures of the night practice dark magic and can take many forms. Take care not to get too close!


The walk is approx 1.7 km long on a path suitable for buggies/wheelchairs.

The observance of Halloween, which dates from the dark ages, has long been associated with thoughts of witches, ghosts, devils and hobgoblins. Over the years, the customs and rituals associated with Halloween have changed dramatically.

Today, many of the young and “young-at-heart” take a more light-hearted approach and the colourful festival has become family-oriented celebration.

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