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Bui Bolg, St. Patricks Day, parade, festival, spectacle

As an integral part of our annual calendar, Bui Bolg will be featured at the St Patrick’s Day parade in Dublin on the 17th of March. This time, however, we are doubling our workload, presenting not just one but two new pageants on the streets of Dublin.

In our first pageant theGreat Irish Welcome’ Bui Bolg are hosting a welcome home party for all our friends and relations near and far. A giant aran jumper makes its way down the street, surrounded by sweet kisses and mini hugs. You may then step through the Great Door which leads you over the hearth and into the house. A cross section of the house appears with each floor wide open from the attic to the basement.

Be also prepared for our second pageant “Homeward Bound” – a carrousel of giant suitcases which present a snapshot of what we pack up and remember from our lives, past and present. A fleet of giant suitcases pass by your very nose, being chased by the men of a thousand welcomes, who are urgently trying to catch all the essential things they need to pack for their new life.

There is no place like home, and great things do happen when we get together!

Arts Council